My Week in Pictures March.13

Can you believe it has been nearly a year since my last week in pictures?

I set myself a challenge at the start of 2016 to really try to improve my photography game. By reintroducing these posts it will help to focus my mind and creativity…I think ?!? Plus I always get asked why I stopped My Week in Pics, so I hope  you guys are glad to see it back too. 🙂

Lots has gone on this week – I got to eat my fill of pizza at Yelp Glasgow’s amazing Pizza Battle which saw La Favorita and Paesano being named as the best slice in Glasgow. I think I am still trying to recover from my kiddiness in the run up to the battle because I was so excited. I REALLY love pizza.

I also got to pop into new Glasgow hotspot Spiritualist to check out their launch party on Thursday night. I loved it…super swanky and definitely aimed at Glasgow’s coolest and most stylish kids. With over 300 spirits on offer and gorgeous surroundings I think I may spend quite a bit of money here.

This week has also seen me drag my ass back into the gym after a near 3 week absence, due to work and a little bug I had last week. Man it feels good to sweat again…although not so much on Saturday morning when I was mega hung over.

I had spent Friday night in  West on the Corner with MrGeek and our buddy Lisa. She had just returned to the UK after visiting her family in the states for a few weeks. Luckily she is an amazing friends and came laden down with mega american candy treats for me…she’s a good pal!

Have a great week Kidz.

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