My Week in Pictures April.3

Morning all you happy-food-loving campers!

I kicked off the week with a RAGIN hangover, Mr G and I hit the new look McPhabbs for Sunday dinner with our friend Lisa. McPhabbs do a brilliant Soul Food Sunday which involves southern fried chicken, cornbread and gravy….this is just as good as it sounds. I ended the night drinking cherry flavoured bourbon which was surprisingly brilliant and  coming 3rd in the pub quiz….I love a good pub quiz.

This week I ate a lot of good food, especially a couple of tasty lunches from Roast & Nics Deli both of whom I love. And I finished the week with  a gorgeous dinner at Don Costanzo last night with the lovely Fiona. Naturally we set the world to rights over a right bottle of white and a mega tasty plate of pasta….it was a great way to end the week.

In other exciting news this week we bought a brand spanking new car – a Lexus. She is bea-utiful. We got to pick her up on Wednesday and I completely LURVE it. Although because right now she’s perfect it has made me very nervous every time another car comes within 10ft of it. This won’t last long but right now I practically squeal every time another driver so much as looks at me. 🙂

Lastly, I am sure by now you know I am a big fan of photography and love a cheeky selfie, and this week I have spent a lot of time take pictures and playing with camera apps. In an effort to be better and have somewhere to use them I am using my old FlatOutGlasgow instagram account which I used during the Penthouse renovation. It’s basically images from all the other aspects of my life outwith food. Go have a look…I hope you like it.

That’s you all caught up on Geek news for another week – Have a great week kids, catch you on the flip side!



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