My Week in Pictures April.24

It’s been an odd week for me.

I started the week really really unwell, which frankly sucked. I’m the worst ill/sick person ever! MrG is definitely the trooper in our family, where as I moan and weep and generally complain about every ache and pain I’m suffering.

Lucky it didn’t last too long and I was back on my feet by Tuesday, it has meant that I’ve not been to the gym all week tho which has seriously thrown me off my game. This week I plan to get my game face back on and boogie to the gym most days to try to get back into a routine.

In other exciting news – I don’t know if you spotted it on my twitter feed this week but I am now a columnist for hot new Glasgow website GlasgowLive which launch this week. Each week you can read completely exclusive content from me including a weekly diary of what I’ve been up to and what new food places I’ve found, along with other fun articles about food in and around G-Town.

I had a few great lunches this week from my favourite Nics Deli where I discovered there incredible avocado salsa which is the bomb-diggy-diggy. I also hit Good Food Glasgow TWICE for lunch on both Friday & Saturday – I may be an addict!!!!!! And lastly had a cheeky wee dinner with Mr G & our buddy Rocco at Shish Mahal on Park Road which was excellent. Oh and take aways from Cubatas & Philadelphia – man I really really need to hit the gym hard next week.

Hope you kids have a brilliant week….. Catch you on the flip side.


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