GeekBytes: Nanakusa

Say hello to my new blog feature – GeekBytes!

What are GeekBytes? I hear you ask….well, hang on a second and I’ll tell you.

I have been looking for ages for a way to add video content to my blog that I like and enjoy. I have hummed and hawed and tried quite a few things but have struggled. That is until now.

GeekBytes are small bites sized videos of places and things I have eaten, the aim is that these will be under a minute, although to be honest I’m doubtful I’ll get it that quick because I like words too much. In the clips I will give you guys a REALLY quick overview of the vibe and what I ate.

GeekBytes NanaKusa

These vids are absolutely not a replacement to my written blog post reviews which will always be where I do my main full reviews. It’s just a way to do new content for places I have been before, places and products I like and just generally stuff that interests me. So one video might be a new restaurant I enjoys, the next might be a great coffee shop I love and then I might talk about mint m&ms….mmmmmmmm mint m&m’s!

Anyway I hope you enjoy it – here is my first attempt which is for the brilliant Nanakusa in Glasgow.

P.S I know I have mega shaky hands…I promise they will get better 😛


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