Supper Club at the Laneways

If you haven’t heard of the Laneways yet, which has set up camp on Gordon Lane in town for the summer, where have you been?

Running from Thursday to Sunday, here you will find two amazing pop up kitchens in the form of  Julie’s Street Kitchen and On Rotation Rotisserie, along with a bar which is mixing up some cool cocktails. These guys have been open now for a few months are are dishing up some mega delicious bites.

Supper Club Laneways July 16

Menu drink - Supper Club Laneways July 16

And while their regular food is all kinds of awesome I wanted to tell you all about their new monthly Supper Club.

The idea behind the Supper Club is for a group of likeminded, food loving cool kids to get together once a month to chow down on a delicious set menu. On the evening,  you get to choose between 2 special menus which have been created by Julies Street Kitchen and On Rotation Rotisserie. In addition to this you also get to sample a couple of cocktails which have been designed to complement the menus.

Supper Club Laneways July 16

Now if you haven’t been into the Laneways yet, it has the kind of vibe that is going to make you feel like you are in the know and part of the cool gang just by being there. For god sake – it’s located in a hidden covered alleyway in the centre of town….of course it’s mega hipster, and down and dirty in the best kind of way.

So let’s chat food!

menu - Supper Club Laneways July 16

Although both menus looked delicious on the night, I couldn’t look past the food on offer from Julie because I just LOVE her nosh and always struggle to pass up any chance to enjoy it.

Sweetcorn fritter - Supper Club Laneways July 16

We kicked the night off with a delicious little corn fritter appetiser which was so good. Not one to mess about trying to be lady like with food, I scoffed this in one bite, and what a mouthful it was – light as a feather, it had a tiny kick of heat with a punch of sweetness too. These little nuggets of goodness are on Julie’s regular menu at the Laneways and I will definitely be trying a portion of these soon.

Supper Club Laneways July 16

For our starter we were served beautiful Pork and shiitake mushroom dumplings which were packed full of flavour, I liked that the mushroom and pork really came through in the filling (which isn’t always the case in dumplings). These came served on a bed of cold noodles, now I am not sure what Julie did to these noodles but they were the best damn noodles I have ever eaten. For me this was the dish of the night – it was freaking amazing!

Supper Club Laneways July 16

Next up, was a slow cooked malaysian lamb rendang which was so tender, and tasted really rich and hearty. This was served with a huge portion of smokey green tea rice which was beautifully fragrant and was delicious with the lamb. Topping this was crunchy sweet achar pickled vegetables which brought a light freshness and texture to the dish.

Supper Club Laneways July 16

The main was such a massive portion that I made the very wise decision not to finish it all. I had to make sure that I still had room to try the Malaysian cardamon and brown sugar sponge with toasted coconut creme anglaise dessert.

Supper Club Laneways July 16

This proved to be a very wise decision because I loved this dessert. The sponge looked like it was going to be heavy but it really airy, and had a gorgeous light caramelised taste with a hint of spice…it reminded me of a steamed pudding my mother-in-law used to make for me – but more fragrant. And the toasted coconut creme anglaise was like a little cream puddle of heaven. A perfect end to a wonderfully creative and delicious meal.

We had a fantastic night, and left more than a little squiffy on delicious cocktails promising that we’ll definitely be back next month for more tasty food.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out what is going on at the Laneways, get yourself down there asap – you don’t know what you are missing.


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