My Week in Pictures Aug.28

Howdy Team! Check me out! This week I have actually managed to get a My Week in Pictures post done…I know, I’m awesome 😛

For the last few months it just seems to have been all systems go at Geek HQ without a minute to spare. I just haven’t been able to find the time I like to be able to dedicate to both my picture snapping and writing, but I am hoping that heading towards the end of the year that will change.

Most of my time recently has been dedicating to the launch of my new clothing line, Food Geek Apparel, which has gone down brilliantly with you guys. Honestly I’m just chuffed to bit that you are all loving the the tees and sweaters, it’s making me ridiculously happy!

I have also been pretty sick for the last 3 weeks – infact I’m still barking like I have smoked 20 a day for the last decade which is a wee bit embarrassing when I am eating out. I am (fingers crossed) coming to the end of it now, and intend to get back in the gym this week to restart my  quest to look like Gisele Bundchen by Christmas….Yeah! I know! I know! But we can all dream, right?

Other than barking like a seal all week I managed to try out two new places, first off I popped into Little Canteen, which is new to the Finnieston area. Hopefully, I am going to get a little take away review written up this week for you to check out. I also visited greek restaurant Frosoulla in the South Side, to celebrate my buddy Rocco’s birthday – again a review will probably be out this week.

Lastly, I manager to squeeze in a few dates with some lovely ladies. I visited Don Costanzo twice this week, once with the lovely Becca from BW Beauty and then again with the gorgeous Liberty who has a show on STV called the Great American Cook Book, I love her she is such a doll.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there was also a wonderfully fun breakfast date at singl-end with Mairi from The Weegie Kitchen, which left a smile on my face all day. There is nothing quite like a good girl date to put you in a great mood.

Phew! What a mega busy week….but I love it!

So, let’s hope that this is actually the start of me being able to get back on track with these Sunday posts again because it is one of my favourite blog features.

I hope you all have a great week – until next time kidz.x


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