My Week in Pictures Sept.4

S’up kidz? Hope you’ve have had a fun week.

I’ve had a great wee week with trips to lots of my most favourite food spots. I managed to squeeze in visits to  Don Costanzo’s (just can’t get enough of that place), two trips to West on the Corner, a lovely breakfast date at Singl-end, and lunch trip to both Nics Deli and Roast in Finnieston. I even managed to sneak in a little late night trip to Bread Meats Bread for some bacon fries! It’s really been a week of old favourites, which I have loved.

I also went a little mental this week by braking my own code, normally I only drinking coffee from independent coffee shops, but to get my hands on my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the autumnal season I had to go corporate and visit Starbucks!?!?! I can’t lie, the cake was breathtakingly bad but the latte was delicious in a mass produced kinda way :-p

But my highlight of the week was definitely seeing the Barenaked Ladies in concert on Friday night for the third time at the ABC, and it was just brilliant! They are definitely my favourite band, and still easily remain the best live act I have ever seen….I just love them….like lots….in a crazy fangirl kind of way.

So, that is you pretty much caught up with my week….Oh! Except, I passed Duncan Lacroix who plays Murtagh in Outlander this week on my street. The man is very lucky I was carrying my lunch and looked a wee bit scary without my makeup on, or I may have chased him down the street asking for a selfie and declaring my undying love for his show. Thankfully for all concerned I was able to keep my cool and never embarrassed myself, but it was a close run thing.

Next week is shaping up to be a pretty quiet one for me – I think I have a couple of food dates in the diary but that is pretty much it. I am really trying to focus on my diet and getting in lots of workouts in the run up to the festive season. So I am trying (kind of) to keep my eating out limited, although somehow I just never seem to manage it. 😛

I hope you have a good week kidz, catch you on the flip side.



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