My Week in Pictures Oct.9

Happy Sunday Kidz! I hope you are enjoying this crisp autumnal Sunday, because I certainly am. Currently, I have sunlight flooding into my kitchen, my favourite jazz playlist going, while enjoying a latte and writing this blog post – life feels pretty damn good right now.

For some reason this morning I have woken up with the beans…it could be because it’s a perfect October day, or perhaps I’m just pulsing with endorphins after my early morning gym session. Either way, I’m not complaining.

It’s been a brilliantly fun week. We kicked it off last Sunday with a massive walk in the park with bug’s new friend Lily, the 8 month old Newfoundland, and her always stylish mum, Liberty. It’s safe to say Bug was extremely excited to be out walking with a dog the size of a small bear and had great fun running underneath her.

Naturally, after our walk we were a bit peckish so we hit up Big Slope in Finnieston for a bit of Sunday lunch. I went for the chorizo and black pudding hash,  and I have to tell you it was bloody delicious – review will be coming this week….hopefully!

In other news this week, I also went along to Bread Meats Bread West End launch night on Thursday. The place was packed to the rafters with people clamouring to get the first peak inside this much anticipated new west end addition. And what a new addition it is – stylish, interesting and just as delicious as you would expect from BMB.

I was so into the menu on Thursday night that I talked MrG into taking me in on Friday for lunch (now, when I say ‘talking him into it’ I said ‘wanna go?’ –  he said ‘aye!’) It’s no word of a lie by 12.30pm, just 90 minutes after opening there wasn’t a free table, despite being about 3 times bigger than the city centre location…..what can I say, we love our Bread Meats Bread!

That pretty much covers my foodlights from this week – Oh well except, if you’ve been to the new Nic’s NYC Deli van on Woodlands (beside the Sainsbury garage) you may have noticed that I now have my own sandwich! That’s right – a Glasgow Food Geek  sandwich! I always order the same things at Nic’s so they have put in on the menu. The Kardashians might have their own make-up range but I have my own sandwich, and I know which one I would prefer…sandwich ever time!!!!

Have a great week guys! Catch you on the flip side.x


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