My Week in Pictures Oct.29

I need to be honest, I am writing this up on Sunday morning ( I normally do it on a Saturday afternoon) and I am feeling really awful.

I was at a fabulous halloween party last night and although I barely had anything to drink at the party, Mr G and I decided to finish the night off at Porter & Rye at 12am. Porter do a brilliant late night menu, and because we didn’t have any dinner before we went out we decided that a burger at midnight would be just the ticket. The problem was that I was talked into trying a Nikka whisky by MrG, which was lovely but I am very much regretting it now tho because it made me really head drunk.

So today I am feeling bloody awful, the result of that is that this week’s MWIP post will be a mostly visual representation of the last couple of weeks in my life. 😛

Have a great week kids and i’ll catch you on the flip side.

Pam Sign


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