My Week in Pictures Nov.6

Happy Sunday Team!

I hope everyone has woken up fresh as a daisy and hangover free.

This sunny Sunday morning finds me hangover free (makes a change for a Sunday morning) but with the rumblings of a cold. Mr G was feeling crappy yesterday and now I am feeling a bit hangdog today, so it looks like Geek HQ is about to be struck down with the lurgy – SUPER!!!!!

It probably hasn’t been helped by the fact that I hung around in the cold for a few hours yesterday afternoon.

You see, I was doing a shoot for FoodGeek Apparel with some of my favourite blogging babes. We did some internal shoots at West on the Corner, which as I am sure you all know is practically my home away from home.  Then we took to the streets and got some incredible autumnal shots with these mega babes, and while the preview images look stunning we were all freezing our tushies off in the name of fashion & style.

These dolls are such troopers tho! I can’t wait to show you guys the shots, so keep an eye out this week on my FoodGeekApparel insta account.

In not so great news this week, I was so incredibly disappointed with the BBC Good Food Show. For years this has been one of my favourite events, it’s practically like Christmas for a food lover like me. I turned up bright and breezy on Friday practically bouncing I was so excited, and immediately you could feel how flat the atmosphere was – It just has zero buzz. Plus, it was so much smaller than previous years, with a serious lack of local independent businesses (despite there being an on the door price of £22 per person to get in!!!)  

I actually left after 2 hours, most of which was spent chatting with people I know, with half of my self imposed budget still in my purse.

Despite this there was some fantastic brands to be found – Fudge from Ochil Fudge Pantry, the smoked sugar from Smokey Brea, the preserves and caramel sauce from Wild Fig, Sausage rolls from Pig in the Middle, the insanely great sweet treats from Equis and Three Sisters Bake…all of which were fab!

Having looked forward to it since last year I can not tell you just how gutted I was, and in fact still am.

Ah well never mind, at least I managed to save a wee bit of cash.

Stay warm and cosy and I’ll catch you guys on the flip side….have a great week.x


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