Tennessee Calling at The Finnieston

When I got an email from Jack Daniel’s saying ‘we’re running a cocktail competition called Tennessee Calling in Scotland, and we would like your opinion on one of the entries’ after doing a little happy dance, I sent off an immediate reply tell them that I of course was at their service!

Tennessee Calling is part of Jack Daniel’s program which has been designed to educate and inspire the next generation of up and coming career bartenders! The competition asks Scottish bartenders to come up with a creative and interesting cocktail starring Jack Daniels, which actually makes an excellent base for the most delicious cocktails.

Being the selfless gal that I am, I was of course more than happy to give my opinion on one of the finalist….and so, I found myself full of all the cold feechs at Finnieston Bar on Wednesday night meeting the lovely Ryan Mowat, who is one of the 3 Glasgow bartenders to make the 11 strong short list.

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

Ryan is a bit of a doll…exactly what you would want from a good bartender, friendly, full of banter, creates an interesting drink and best of all gives off the impression that he is having the best time behind the bar and really loves it, which lead to me having the best time too.

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

So the cocktail, here is a bit more info about Ryan’s entry…..

The drink – was inspired by the people that make the hospitality industry what it is today! After Ryan attended Jack Daniel’s Glasgow sessions (an educational masterclass for bartenders in Scotland) he was inspiring to see people from all over Scotland uniting with one common passion and making a real effort to better themselves and their industry.

The Name – Full Circle, was inspired by the community of flavours that Ryan featured in the drink. Using the flavour profile of Jack Daniel’s he set about enhance what was already there.

Starting with the smoky slightly sweet Jack Daniel’s base he adds fresh dill and lemon juice which takes your pallet somewhere unexpected in a whiskey drink, but then brings it back home with the sweet hints of peach in the RinQuinQuin and sherry mist, taking your tastebuds on a complete journey….hence Full Circle!

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

Spreading the word – The good news is that you guys can actually give Ryan’s competition entry a try, because it is currently on sale in Finnieston for £7.30. Along with this, the head chef wanted to get involved in the creativity, so has designed the most beautiful and delicate salmon pairing dish. This will soon be appearing on the menu for you guys to try and believe me it is definitely worth popping in to sample it.

Not content with this just being available for Finnieston customers, Ryan has been working his contacts hard to spread the word about his cocktail. Not only can you find the Full Circle in quite a few bars in Glasgow, but also in a few Australian bars, and he’s currently working on getting a couple of bartenders in America to get this on their menus…world domination for this delicate Jack Daniel’s cocktail is very much the plan.

Tennessee Calling at the FinniestonImage from Finnieston

So that is the story,,,but what about the actual drink?

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

Well, it is all kinds of delicious perfection. In fact, I almost felt like the drink was made specifically for my taste buds. The gorgeous smokiness from the Jack came through with a real punch, the dill and freshly squeezed lemon juice brought a lovely light freshness that I don’t often associate with whiskey drinks. And it was sweetened just enough by the peachy RinQuinQuin. All in all it was kinda gorgeous….so much so that I already have plans to give this ago at home, and I am not normally a cocktail in the house kinda girl.

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

As a small side note, I also got to sample the smoked salmon pairing dish while I was visiting. It  went wonderfully with the Full Circle, plus just generally tasted delicious.

I am keeping everything crossed for Ryan, and I am sure he will do well in the competition because honestly it was one of the nicest cocktails I have ever had. Woohoo go #TeamRyan

Tennessee Calling at the Finnieston

The Full Circle

40ml Jack Daniels
10ml RinQuinQuin (peach aperitif)
10ml Maple Syrup
5ml Lemon Juice
3 sprigs Dill
Palo Cortado Sherry Rinse

Stirred over ice and strained into Sherry rinsed Martini Coup then garnished with Dill sprig.

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