My Week in Pictures Nov.13

Well troops, in a week where America delivered to the world it’s first reality star president in Donald Trump, I’m not entirely sure I have the words!

I’m actually a bit of an American politics junkie, but I try not to bore you guys too much with it. However, it’s safe to say I’m both heartbroken and a wee bit confused by the whole debacle.

Anyway, like I said I don’t want to bore you guys by writing a 2000-word opinion piece, which this could easily become….I just felt that my disappointment merited mention.

That was the bad, but the good news is that there has been lots of fun nights out in the last seven days – Firstly, I got to pop into Finnieston on Wednesday night as part of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Calling competition, where I got to try finalist Ryan Mowat’s lush Full Circle cocktail, which has made the finalist shortlist. It’s well worth popping in if you are in the area to try it out.

Also this week, I was sent a whole heap of pate by Scottish company Castle Maclellan, and what do you do if you’re sent a whole lotta pate? You get your buddies round on a Friday night crack open a bottle of fizz and have a pate party of course! Which is exactly what we did on Friday night. It was such a funny night (other than the football result, but let’s not talk of that) I have to tell you though the pate was bloody DElicious, not normally something I would drop in my shopping trolley, but I think I might from now on if I see it on the shelf.

Last night we also did a little overnighter at the Hilton Grosvenor in Edinburgh, which was fab – especially because I upgraded us to a suite, what can I say? I like to travel in style! 😛 We were in town with my in-laws for a little fun family night out. We hit up Copper Blossom for drinks which I just LOVED, before heading to Mark Greenaways for a late dinner, the food was utterly spectacular, so much so that I am still in a cosy little food happiness bubble this morning.

In other news this week – I popped into don Costanzo with my buddy liberty where a LOT of red wine was consumed. I paid my first visit to newly opened wine & coffee bar Villiers & co on woodlands, which I liked alot. Had an amazing Strawberry oreo donut from Nic’s NYC Deli and enjoyed Sunday Roast at the Drake…so it’s been a pretty Amazeballs food week for me.

That about wraps up my week of despair and delicious food…hope you guys had a great week, and I will catch you guys same bat-time same bat-place next week.x


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