FoodGeek Cooks?


You may remember that a  few weeks ago I launched my new 40/40 project – the 40 things I want to achieve or learn by my 40th birthday.  A big part of my list was cooking based, because frankly I have never really tried to cook….not properly anyway. And I really want to be one of those people who can whip up a gastronomical feast using only 3 day old bread, 2 eggs, a pork chop and a bag of Aunt Bessies frozen chips.

Sure, I can knock together a bit of a pasta dish with store bought sauce, and I can do a pretty great roast, but other than that I am a bit clueless when it comes to actually constructing dishes.

FoodGeek Cooks?

I often watch Masterchef Australia in awe at what people can do with a few basic ingredients, it genuinely blows my mind.  And while I can never hope to be Australia’s next Masterchef for the obvious reason, I have decided that it is in fact time that I actually make an effort to learn to cook properly.

My Week in Pictures

So in line with my 40 by 40 list I have chosen a cookbook to complete in the form of The Food Lab, and along with other books and online cooking resource sites I am going to embark on a mission to learn to cook…naturally I am going to share this journey with you guys – the good, the bad and the burnt!

I really hope you guys enjoy this new aspect of Glasgow Food Geek and perhaps learn a thing or two along with me.


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