My Week in Pictures Jan.29

Happy Sunday troops! I hope you have had a delicious couple of weeks.

I realise that I totally forgot to do My Week in Pictures last Sunday, I was feeling a little……fragile??  So I thought I would just fill you guys in today on my adventures from the last few weeks.

Let’s see……I’ve only eaten out a couple of times in the last few weeks. We went to check out Alchemilla in Finnieston, which was just fantastic and a bloody brilliant new addition to the west end. We also enjoyed some rather lovely Italian food at Tarantino’s, which is always fab. And there was some rather nice take away pizza from LaMora in Charing Cross which opened late last year – we were eating with friends so I didn’t have time to get pics to do a proper review, but I promise I will be back soon and will tell you guys all about it then.

In line with my goal to be spending more time in the kitchen this year I have actually been cooking (and baking) quite a bit…I am like a proper adult! I had a rather successful bash at my Grandad’s stovies, and I also knocked out a rather delicious chicken Milanese which is one of my favourite dishes. Infact I loved the tomato sauce I made so much that I actually had it was spaghetti 3 nights on the bounce. And as if that wasn’t enough, I had a go at making a cream mushroom sauce for MrG that I am told was excellent – I wouldn’t know because I don’t eat mushrooms….BLEUGH!

For Burns Night I also made a fecking spectacular haggis, cheddar and tomato chutney grilled cheese which was bloody booutiful! As you can tell I am really happy with my kitchen escapades so far and am really enjoying giving thing a go.

In other news I finally bought a fitbit which I love, I played cards against humanity for the first time, and I finally got round to buying myself a cast iron skillet which has been life changing – I am already at the point where I can’t remember what my life was like without it. And lastly In line with my 40/40 project I have tried a new workout – Pilates which I just LOVE!!! So much so that I am making it part of my workout routine and looking forward to my weekly class.

So that is you caught up with my week. I hope you cool kidz have a great week and I will catch you next Sunday.


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