My Week in Pictures Feb.5

Thank goodness we are now officially out the other side of January 2017 – which is surely the most depressing month of every year, and now we are into the month of luuuurrvveee.

It’s been a fun old week over at GeekHQ…one filled with some mighty fine food.

I kicked the week off apparently last Saturday with breakfast rolls from Maggies van in Charring Cross at 1.30am – I only know this because there is photographic evidence. It’s safe to say that after drinking a fairly substantial amount of booze on Saturday night to celebrate my buddy Austen’s birthday, I was feeling a little fragile on Sunday.

And what better way to sort out a serious wine hangover than heading out to try out a new restaurant, which is exactly what I did on Sunday afternoon along with MrG and PaGeek. We headed into Chelsea Market for some modern Scottish fayre, which sorted me right out. I really liked it alot, and based on first impressions I think it might become a firm favourite.

This week I got to enjoy some great blogger fun. I enjoyed a great little dinner at West on the Corner with the gorgeous Miss West End Girl and The Everyday Man, whose blog I really enjoy. Then on Friday I was mega excited to join one of my favourite ladies Debs, from Depaysement who has started a new blog feature called Pastry Pursuit, where she checks out independent bakeries in Glasgow – naturally, I was all over getting involved in that. We had a fab cake date at the always scrumptious Cottonrake on Great Western Road……their white chocolate tarts make me believe that angels actually exist!

And if all that wasn’t enough, I also enjoyed a lovely dinner with one of my besties Becca at Lychee Oriental on Friday night where I think I found a new favourite dish. Obvs I am still crushing on the Honey Chilli Chicken, but I tried the Duck and Lychees in Plum Sauce for the first time and it was so bloody good, I did let the others try it but I basically hogged the dish for myself.

That is you all up to date with my foodlights for another week, next week is shaping up to be another fun-filled food-loving week too so I will catch you beautiful lot next Sunday.

And remember stay classy kids!

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