My Week in Pictures Feb.19

Happy Sunday team.

I’ve had a pretty mixed time over the last few weeks – I have been pretty busy with some great foodlights, but I have damaged my knee..again. I generally have pretty bad knee joints most of the time. You see when I was 21 I dislocated my left knee, and ever since my knees have been dodgy. But this week has been particularly bad with my right knee giving me MAJOR grief.

That aside it has been such a fab few weeks for food – MrG treated me to a night away at MarHall last week, where we enjoyed so much delicious food…I am going to write up a blog post this week to tell you guys all about it so keep an eye out for that.

Other highlights include going to check out the lovely Duchess of Argyle which opened in Finnieston a few weeks ago, it is such a fantastic new additions to the area.  I went to a fun bloggers night at Crossing the Rubicon on Great Western Road, which is a pretty cool bar doing tasty tapas style curries. And I enjoyed some fun dates with girlfriends at West on the Corner and Singl-end.

Other than that I have been lying pretty low, and resting up my knee as much as possible….oh! except I have become a little obsessed with playing SimCity 😛

Have a great week kids and I will catch you next week.

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