West on the Corner – Sunday Roast

Don’t you just love Sundays? The day of rest! You’ve survived another week….you’ve nothing to do other than sleep in, maybe thrown out a few wine bottles and take away boxes from the night before, and plan what you are going to eat for the day. Or at least this is often how I spend my Sundays.

Inevitably when thinking about Sunday nosh my mind goes one of two places – brunch (natch) or Sunday Roast. Personally I have found in the past that it’s near impossible to do both of these in one day, because it’s just too much food….or at least it is the way that I over order on brunch dishes.

Last Sunday found me in a roast kind of mood, and not wanting to venture far. Which lead me into West on the Corner for a little afternoon Sunday Funday feasting.

This wasn’t my first rodeo when it comes to Sunday’s at West on the Corner, but today I realised that I haven’t actually written about their roast offerings – which frankly is scandalous! Clearly this wrong must be righted at once.

I’m sure  if you follow me on Instagram you will know just how much I LURVE West on the Corner, because I am forever posting up pics of their always excellent food. But this isn’t going to be a full shebang review just a wee shout out for their excellent roasts. So if you want to read about the vibe in the bar head on over to my full review post of West on the Corner Here!

That way we just jump right on into the food.

Let me briefly start off by mentioning the starter which I enjoyed massively – only briefly mind so that I can dive right into telling you all about ‘dat roast!

I kicked off with an onion and cheddar tart, which was one of the best starters I have ever had at West. The tart was made with a flaky buttery puff pastry (surely the king of all pastries?!?) and was filled with a gooey melted stringy lush cheese and oodles of soft tangy onion. It was so tasty and as you can see as pretty as a picture.

Okay Okay Okay enough of that – let’s get down to the star of the show.

As far as I am concerned there is only one meat to enjoy with a roast – Beef! And while I always enjoy dabbling with chicken, pork and very occasionally lamb, is it always a rich beef roast which makes me happiest. So when I was presented with the option of roast beef or a chicken roast on the menu it was really a no brainer for me.

And when said beef arrived I nearly passed out on the spot with sheer delight! On my plate were too wonderfully generous slices….oh who am I kidding?…….they were mammoth slabs of slightly pink beef, which were so tender and soft that they practically melted in my mouth. This was accompanied with a large interesting selection of veggies – creamy cauliflower cheese, roasted carrot and parsnip and a nice sized portion of lovely pickled red cabbage. Naturally all of this was drowning in a sea of meaty rich glossy gravy.

In a little side dish I was served a plate of 4 large golden crunchy duck fat roast potatoes and a massive yorkshire pudding, which for me can make or break a roast. I am happy to confirm that the West on the Corners yorkie was a very tasty offering.

While I totally understand why the potatoes and yorkie was served separately, to keep them nice and crisp. I have to admit I am a douse everything in gravy kind of girl, so I was a little bit sad that they weren’t drowning in the tasty gravy. This is genuinely a small niggle tho – and to be honest not that big a deal, I just want to mention it because I remarked on it at the time.

As you can see in the pictures this was a serious plate of food and not for the faint hearted to attempt on a Sunday, especially if you have enjoyed a few light refreshments of the alcoholic variety the night before.

Price wise – this is the best part, it is a pretty reasonable cost. The sunday roast is available on the Market Menu which is £21.95(this includes a £3 supplement for the roast) for two courses. For me this is excellent value for money considering the massive portion and quality of food which is served – in fact the serving is so large that neither MrG or I could finish it, which is practically unheard of.

This is one of my favourite locals, the food here is consistently excellent, the staff are always lovely and the vibe is relaxed. And as I said this wasn’t my first Sunday Rodeo at West on the Corner and I doubt very much it will be my last.



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