MacMillan – World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

I sometimes wonder if there is a single living person left on the planet who hasn’t been touched by cancer – a friend, a partner, a work colleague, a child, a loved one….. Or in my case a mother in law.

It’s touches us all, and whether that is with the lightest touch as you watch someone you kind of know go through it, or with the devastating crushing weight of watching someone you love experience it. It affects us all.

I’ve experienced the loss and heartbreak that cancer leaves in its wake, having lost my mother in law to the brutal and heartless disease and it changed me forever.

When I talk now about that period in my life I talk about how my family and I went to war together – because that is what it feels like for everyone involved.  Every day is a battle, some days you win and some days you lose. But you better believe that every day you get up ready to fight again because you’re in it together, pulling each other through.

You’re probably a wee bit confused about this blog post, aren’t you? I don’t really do motivational lifestyle posts. Bare with me though it’s coming, and it involves helping out….and cake!

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Cancer is awful, and it’s hard on everyone but there are glimmers of light and people who can help you through. Which is why I am beyond thrilled to be partnering with Marks and Spencer in supporting the  MacMillan world’s biggest coffee morning 2017 this coming Friday (29th September)

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At this moment in time there are 2.5 million people living with cancer in the UK, which is set to rise to 4 million by 2030. MacMillan are on hand to offer help to anyone and everyone who who has been affected by this cruel disease. Right from the moment you or a loved one is diagnosed, through the treatment and beyond, MacMillan is there to offer you support, giving you the energy and inspiration to keep fighting another day.

But they can’t do it alone, they need our support – which is why the Big Coffee Morning ( and many other fundraising events) are so important.

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And as one of the UK’s leading brands, Marks and Spencer are happy to get involved this year to help support MacMillan. As well as having a range of special MacMillan goodies and treats in store including delicious little cupcakes, where 10% of the price will go to MacMillan. They are also throwing coffee mornings in stores all over the country this Friday, where you can pop in have a coffee and a slice of lovely cake and know that you are helping out.

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So I really just want to encourage everyone to get involved, throw a coffee morning in your office or with friends, pop along to one of the participating M&S stores on Friday. Heck even buy a wee cake and have a coffee while watching Holly & Phil on this morning. Just get involved because believe me when I tell you cancer is a war, and we need to stick together if we want to have any chance of winning!


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