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May 15

Honey Sesame Chicken Recipe

Are you guys ready for another installment of FoodGeek Cooks? Well regardless if you are or aren’t here it is anyway. A few months ago I posted a picture of my latest attempt at cooking – a Honey Sesame Chicken, which you guys all seemed to go a bit nuts for. And I’ve had so […]

April 14

Easter Brownie Cookies

When you put two of my favourite things, brownies & cookies together, and then through in all the delicious Easter sweeties, you know before you’ve even had your first bite that you are on to  a winner. So when Cadburys sent me some creme eggs as an Easter gift recently I knew instantly that I […]

March 18

Strawberry Cheesecake Oreo Brownie Recipe

Recently I have had a bit of a crazy obsession with Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos. Well can you blame me? These suckers are freakishly addictive, and ever since I discovered them a few months ago I have been going through about 2 packets a week -they are just so incredibly morish I can’t stop snacking on them. […]

February 28

Nana’s Famous Pancake Recipe

Today is without doubt one of my favourite days of the year – pancake day! I  love pancakes… I am not talking crepes, which are lovely in their own right, but a Scottish pancake which is a thing of beauty. They are thick, moist, sweet, fluffy little morsels of deliciousness, and there is possibly no […]

February 11

Coconut & Raspberry Loaf Recipe

You know how sometime you get the most bizarre cravings for something? Well this happened to me recently, all week I have been craving coconut……I mean really who in their right mind craves coconut??? Well it turns out that I do, so there was only one thing for it – a wickedly lush Coconut Loaf. […]

February 10

Tomato Sauce Recipe

Whenever I tell people that I am trying to teach myself to cook a bit better the first thing everyone says is ‘you need a great tomato sauce recipe’ Now I have tried in the past to make tomato sauce a few times, but never really managed to find a recipe I thought was great […]

January 28

Mint Oreo & Dark Chocolate Cookie Recipe

You guys have (hopefully) noticed this – I’m constantly trying to up my food photography game. I’m always on Instagram and Pintrest looking at images of food, researching props and thinking about how I can improve my images…… I’m actually hoping that MrG might splurge and get me a camera for my birthday (hint hint […]