February 24

Mar Hall

When MrG popped his head into the living room a few weeks ago and said ‘I saw Mar Hall had a good deal on for Valentines Weekend, so I’ve booked us a suite for next Saturday’ I was both beyond excited, and if I am honest a wee bit shocked. For years I have wanted […]

February 19

My Week in Pictures Feb.19

Happy Sunday team. I’ve had a pretty mixed time over the last few weeks – I have been pretty busy with some great foodlights, but I have damaged my knee..again. I generally have pretty bad knee joints most of the time. You see when I was 21 I dislocated my left knee, and ever since […]

February 14


When I spotted on Twitter a few weeks ago that my buddy Debs was starting a new series on her blog called pastry pursuits, I immediately offered up my services as a cake date companion….I am just really selfless like that! Debs new series is all about finding the best independent cake spots in Glasgow, […]

February 11

Coconut & Raspberry Loaf Recipe

You know how sometime you get the most bizarre cravings for something? Well this happened to me recently, all week I have been craving coconut……I mean really who in their right mind craves coconut??? Well it turns out that I do, so there was only one thing for it – a wickedly lush Coconut Loaf. […]

February 10

Tomato Sauce Recipe

Whenever I tell people that I am trying to teach myself to cook a bit better the first thing everyone says is ‘you need a great tomato sauce recipe’ Now I have tried in the past to make tomato sauce a few times, but never really managed to find a recipe I thought was great […]

February 08

The Duchess of Argyle

Another week, another new great restaurant opening in Finnieston….could this area be any hotter right now? When the guys over at Kained Holdings told me a few months ago about their new Mexican party bar in Finnieston I was really excited. I always love Kained restaurants, it’s hard not to when they have given us […]

February 05

My Week in Pictures Feb.5

Thank goodness we are now officially out the other side of January 2017 – which is surely the most depressing month of every year, and now we are into the month of luuuurrvveee. It’s been a fun old week over at GeekHQ…one filled with some mighty fine food. I kicked the week off apparently last […]